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Fail2ban Analysis

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Having restarted my fail2ban daemon on 2014-12-17 I was curious about the time distribution of bans and their original location.I crafted a small bash one-liner that gives me raw data : 
for ipadd in $(zgrep Ban fail2ban.log.* | awk '{print $NF}' | sort -u); \
do \
zgrep $ipadd fail2ban.log.* | awk -F':' '{print $2 $NF}' ; \
done | awk '{print $1" " $NF}' | \
grep -v '2014-12-16\|2014-12-15\|2014-12-14\|2014-12-13\|2014-12-12\|2014-12-11\|2014-12-10\|2014-12-09\|2014-12-08\|2014-12-07' \
| sort | while read data; \
do \
ipaddr2=$(echo $data | awk '{print $2}'); \
country=$(whois $ipaddr2 | egrep -i "^country:"| awk '{print $NF}' | sort -u); \
echo $data $country; \
It represents a total of 270 bans in almost three weeks.The ip adresses for which there is no country code is because the whois returned a Korean UTF-8 content that I couldn't parse. But they are all Koreans (I checked them manually).

IP address bans by day China comes first with 97 bans. It is followed by the United states of america (50 bans) and then Germany (30 bans).

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