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GNU Social : update on my subcriptions

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Last year  (July 2013) I posted a break-down of my subscriptions. Here is an update.First statistic : I went from 100 subscription to 116. That's not a big improvement but I have been out of the network for the bigger part of 2014 because of a queue daemon that I failed to diagnose as being the root cause of not receiving messages anymore.


Platform diversity

The number of different platforms I'm subscribed to went down from 67 to 45. I combed all my subscriptions and removed those that where unreachable or for whom the last post was much too old to be considered active. Note that I had not checked the same thing last year, meaning that this figure's decrease may not be relevant to demonstrate the activity (or lack there of) of the GNU Social community as a whole.

Single user instance vs. multiple user instance.

I have seen a shift from single user owned instances to multiple-users instances. We'll see that later but Quitter is one of the main actor for this shift.Single users went from 58 users to 35 (-39,6%)  (and users hosted on multi-users instances went from 42 to 81 (+92.8%)

Distribution of users

Among the instances from which i follow more than one user there are some changes:

And I got rid of !!

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