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Debian Jessie Multimedia

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Debian Jessie (Debian 8) is, by default, provided with many multimedia capabilities.

Playing any audio files comes natively with the platform. Watching a video recorded from your phone is easy once the video has been downloaded to the computer where Jessie is installed.

Some DVDs are directly playable and some of them require libdvcss which is not provided on debian repositories because of legal stuff but it can be downloaded as a debian package from videolan.

Flash video playing is not pre-installed. There is a way to install Flash but more and more websites use HTML5 video tag to provide video content. This makes Flash quit useless. But anyway it can still be installed if you add "non-free" repository to your package repository configuration. There are plenty of sites to show you how to do that ...

There are some websites that propose videos on .mp4 format. This working very well with a default install in Iceweasel. The solution is simply to install ffmpeg plugin for gstreamer :
sudo apt install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
I don't have a blue-ray drive so I can't tell how well blue-ray is working on Debian Jessie ...

Perhaps there are some other tricks for an advanced usage of multimedia that I'm not aware of !

Have a watch on your logs

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Want to know what happened on your server ? Logwatch is for you.It sums up and aggregates some information from your log files and you can have it sent by email to you.

Context and installation

The server I'm running is a Debian Wheezy.
apt-get install logwatch
I wanted it to send an email to a specific local user and I wanted the email to contains as much detail as possible. I wrote to etc/logwatch/conf/override.conf
# cat >/etc/logwatch/conf/override.conf <<EOF
logwatch: MailTo =
logwatch: Output = mail
logwatch: Detail = high

The result is an email sent with every important details.